Full Circle
We bought a 30’ Pearson sailboat off Craigslist in March 2021. It was located in a marina in Annapolis, Maryland.  We then lived aboard for almost 7 months sailing the mid-shore Chesapeake Bay. 

We each come from different backgrounds and experiences. Alexander grew up in this area, learned to sail on these waters, and comes from generations of family who have lived and prospered in this area. He comes with an inherant familiarity of the environment, towns, people and culture. He also decided to leave and live away for almost 10 years, and is just coming back to this place he once called home. 
Kate is a newcomer, and has only visited the Eastern Shore a handful of times since before we decided to move to Maryland in November 2021. She is coming with fresh eyes and every experience is new and different. 

Questions we asked ourselves and that came up throughout the summer: 
What does it mean to travel within 60 mile radius? 
What does it mean to travel in the place you call home?
What does home mean? 
What is local? 
What is the difference from traveling by land than by water? 
How do you get from point A to point B - what are the outside logistics that need to be considered?